MARKS – 20/12

  1. Analyse the historical significance of the Victorian period.


  1. Write an essay on the Non-Fictional prose that enriched Victorian Literature.


  1. Write a note on the position of women in Victorian Period.


  1. Write an essay on Bronte sisters.


  1. Compare and contrast Carlyle’s an Arnold’s prose style.


  1. ‘Ulysses’ as a dramatic monologue or Critical appreciation of the poem ‘Ulysses’.


  1. What do you think of Matthew Arnold as a Victorian poet? Use your understanding of the two poems ‘Dover Beach’ and ‘To Marguerite: Continued to substantiate your view.


  1. Comment on the use of 6he sea as a metaphor in the poems ‘Dover Beach’ and ‘To Marguerite: Continued.


  1. Comment on the character of the speaker in ‘Porphyria’s Lover’.


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  1. Give an account of the murder of Porphyria’s Lover.


  1. Critical appreciation of Porphyria’s Lover.


  1. How does Dickens portray parent-child relationship in David Copperfield?




  1. Why is Sonnets from the Portuguese named so?


  1. “Yet all experience is an arch”- To whom ‘experience’ seems like an ‘arch’ and why?


  1. What are the three parts of Divine Comedy?


      4.What is the basic philosophy of Utlitarianism?


      5.Write a short note on Thomas Hardy.


  1. Write short note on-

                                  a)Great Expectation

                                  b) Vanity Fair

                                   c) Wuthering Heights


  1. Why does the poet refer to Sophocles in the poem ‘Dover Beach’.


  1. Why did lover kill Porphyria?


  1. Role of Fanny Robin in Far from the Madding Crowd.


  1. Some significant non-fictional prose writers of Victorian Age

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